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Lead the way for change.

Change starts with you. Always.

But first you need to acknowledge what needs to change. And when it comes to challenging conversations, that means understanding how you feel about them and why you react to them.


It’s time to stop kicking the can down the road and start communicating in a way that creates a harmonious and thriving environment for everyone.

To do that, you need to dig deep and ask yourself a few questions. What triggers you or pushes your buttons? Or what past experiences make you react or snap in those moments. Only when you know the answers and you truly understand what makes you tick, can you find a way forward.

But it’s not just that.

Communication isn’t just the words you choose. It’s the tone you use, as well as the baggage you bring from the last meeting. The way you show up. As a leader, you set the marker. You get to define the communication culture around you. And the more respectful that culture, the less conflict you’ll experience.

Conflict and poor communication can


you have in every area of your life.
Not just in business.

We all crave connection in our relationships, especially after the last few years. The best relationships are those where people really understand each other. Where they ‘click’. There’s a bond. Maybe through outside interests or shared life experiences.

Where they understand what the other person is actually saying. Those “Yes, I know exactly what you mean” moments! But what happens when that is missing?

I see it all the time. When I’m queuing in a coffee shop, nosily tuned in to a conversation or a disagreement, dying to jump in to explain what each person really means.

To me, it’s obvious. I always see the missing link, why the conversation is veering off course, and how easy it would be to steer it back so the issues don’t escalate through poor communication and misunderstandings. And now I want to help you do the same.

It’s time to make mis-communication and mis-managed conversations a thing of the past. It’s time to lead with HEART.




I’ve always been fascinated by people, at work and in life…

Understanding how they connect, why they react or see that red mist. Why conversations hit a wall or relationships break down.

The psychology of conflict underpinned the foundation of my training as a workplace mediator and throughout my career I’ve seen how messy things can get. Not just for those directly involved, but also the ripple effect on the rest of the team dynamics, client relationships, targets, emotional well being, productivity, performance and the bottom line.

That’s why my focus now is on improving communication to avoid conflict.

I bring all of my experience to shine the light on conflict and illustrate why conversations go wrong and people ‘talk with their feet!’ To help businesses owners and leaders to reduce those defining moments where people remember them for the wrong reasons.

I’ve been there, experienced the negative side of mis-communciation and a negative culture. But I also know there is another way. When you understand your teams you can redefine the dynamics of your relationships and communicate clear expectations. And when you do that you can create a positive culture of open, honest and respectful communication that supports relationships to flourish and the business to thrive.



before resigning in my former PR corporate job many years ago.

Long hours, late nights and weekends were the norm not the exception. Our dedication was challenged if we didn’t commit to this ethos.

And on this particular occasion an important personal commitment took priority and I said ‘No’! I was met with a very prickly response and …shock!

This was when I knew it was time to go. And as much as I knew I’d miss the glamour, and excitement, I knew I couldn’t stay in a business where I wasn’t valued or respected. Where our MD followed us down the corridors calling us f**king d***kheads!

And now I’m on a mission to help leaders to redefine the dynamics of their relationships so they can communicate clear expectations and understand their teams, rather than questioning their dedication. Because respect and trust is vital to drive progress and to maintain equilibrium.

The working landscape looks very different now and we need to be open and honest about expectations in this new hybrid workplace and what that looks like for everyone.

We need to set better boundaries, create a positive work-life balance and listen more.

I would love to help create this by championing a communication culture built on open and honest conversations.