Whether you’re a business owner, experienced leader or new manager struggling to master a host of difficult conversations, then this book will be perfect for you.

You will pick up gems, golden nuggets, tools, tips, techniques and strategies to approach your conversations with courage, confidence and ease. It will support you to become an empowered and brilliant communicator as well as becoming well versed in the art of good communication.


Two parts, one outcome - the skills to confidently engage in difficult conversations within the business, achieve successful results and improve relationships with your teams, colleagues, clients and key stakeholders.

and BREATHE book



is split into two key sections, conflict ‘prevention’ and conflict ‘cure.’

It has been written to take you on a journey. It explores why we avoid difficult conversations, how to address fears or blocks, the impact when problems escalate, understanding your communication style and how to approach conflict with skill, compassion and trust.

The book includes an armoury of tools, tips, anecdotes and techniques to set you up for future success. So you can feel confident and ready to handle any of these difficult conversations and more:

Managing apathy, attitude and resistance
Managing behaviours
Managing boundaries
Managing change and transition
Managing client conversations
Managing conflict with business partners
Managing compassionate conversations
Managing cultural obstacles
Managing feedback and performance reviews
Managing onboarding and new recruits
Managing mindset, preparation and planning
Managing pushback
Managing and de-escalating team conflict
Managing strong personalities

Are you ready to master


 in business and beyond?


Gripped from Page One!

This book is packed full of examples and lightbulb moments that resonate with everyday challenges in business and the workplace.

Nicole illustrates how easy it is to get it wrong and offers an abundance of tools to get it right.

Her writing style is conversational and so easy to assimilate as she shares insights that seem obvious but so definitely are not for those who have limited experience in managing people.

I really enjoyed the helpful way she organises the book into problems, her analysis of them, followed by sensible solutions allowing the reader to dip in and out.

In my view, everyone can draw some golden nuggets and learn to navigate communication better. The easily digestible acronyms, tools and techniques also have a wider application for almost any difficult conversation beyond the workplace.

I believe all organisations could improve the way in which they manage their people. This book is an invaluable guide to support them to do so. It can only be a win/win to provide their leaders with a copy of it!

A very helpful and unmissable guide for any leader or business owner!"

Sandra Davis,
Partner, Mischcon de Reya