WORK WITH nicole


Crisis Communication 


Investment - 2 hour session £600

When you’re caught in the middle of a crisis with colleagues or your teams, it’s often hard to find a way forward, to see the wood for the trees. But when it starts to impact teamwork, projects, client relationships and the status quo, you need to find a solution… quickly!

My Crisis Communication Consultancy is a one-off, deep dive designed to give you direction and clarity and equip you to walk away with an answer to your problem, whatever that might be. So that by the time we’ve finished talking you’ll feel ready to act decisively, communicate with confidence and have a plan in place for you to manage the conversation effortlessly.


1:1 Communication &


Investment - £2,400

When we understand who we are, we can understand how we communicate.

We know our triggers, and our values. We know how we might react and how to get our message across to the people who need to hear it. We have the courage to acknowledge our fears and our blocks and what’s stopping us show up as our authentic self.

That’s what we will navigate in this 3 month journey. I’ll bring all of my expertise, knowledge and experience to the table, and together we’ll work side by side to explore the way you approach leadership communication, the goals you want to achieve and create a framework and pathway to make it all happen.


Team Dynamics


Investment from - £10,000

Perfect for small businesses, with 10 employees or less, this package is designed to help you create an open culture where everyone has the platform to thrive.

Together we’ll work through a holistic, 5 step process that begins with assessing your company culture and values, identifying areas of communication weakness within the business, which affects relationships, interactions and team work, and creating an action plan to help you move forwards in total alignment, so you, your team and your company can thrive.